Directed by Sean Baker

The Florida Project is one of my two picks for the “Most Underrated of 2017″ award (the other being Colossal). There is no other movie like this. Taking place outside of Orlando and Disney World, the movie follows six year old Moonee, who lives in a budget hotel with her mother. Showing extreme poverty and a group of people rarely seen in movies, the movie is frank about how hard is it to work, hustle, barely scrape by and keep a roof over your head. Director Sean Baker is empathetic rather than moralizing or condemning; the characters aren’t morally devoid or chronically irresponsible, nor are they “noble” as in a Steinbeck novel. Baker simply allows the characters to exist. As hard as this existence is, it’s joyful to watch as we see through the eyes of a child, who perceives her surroundings as a playground. It’s a beautiful and heartbreaking ode to childhood. You won’t regret visiting The Florida Project.

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