This movie is so bad, it’s actually pretty good!

I can’t honestly call this a “staff pick”, as this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. However, it’s so fascinatingly bad, it’s a case of “seeing is believing” and therefore a great unintentional comedy. ‘The Book of Henry’ is about Henry, an 11 year-old prodigy who seems to view everyone with contempt and to resent every adult woman in his life; the movie thinks this is cute. Henry suspects that his next door neighbor is being abused and hatches a plan to save her. After a genuinely interesting plot twist, the second half of the movie is so absurd, you will be watching in shock, wondering how anyone thought this was a good idea.

Again, this is not a good movie- it’s ill conceived, the tone is off, and the main character is wholly unlikable. But if you appreciate movies that are so bad you can’t look away (like Showgirls or The Room), this is right up your alley. I will be laughing about this movie for years.

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