By Brandon Mull

Fablehaven books take place in a world where magical creatures have been confined to special reservations, watched over by human caretakers.  Needless to say, this arrangement doesn’t always work smoothly, especially for young Seth and Kendra Sorenson, who are always getting caught up in some kind of magical (and dangerous) adventure.

It’s been seven years since the last book in the Fablehaven series, Keys to the Demon Prison, was published.  This new book is the start of a new series—and it picks up just weeks after the last book left off.  This time around, it’s the dragons who are causing problems.  From beginning to end there is non-stop action, and the book leaves you wanting more.  If you haven’t read this series, you should—but start at the beginning with the original Fablehaven book.  If you have read the series, you are going to love this new addition!

Find the book in our catalog here.

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