By Kiersten White

In this next installment in the Conquerors Saga, Lada is trudging through farmland and laying waste to anything that stands in her way of her claiming Wallachia. Meanwhile, Radu has been coerced into partaking in what is believed to be a suicide mission for his Sultan Mehmed and seamlessly infiltrates the walls of Constantinople as a spy while Mehmed tries to take it for his own capital.

Although the siblings are separated throughout the entire book, you still get a sense of longing from each of them; one is not complete without the other. They each have strengths that the other could use to their advantage in each of their unique situations, but neither is willing to give up their positions or dreams to help the other. The sibling dynamic in this story is what makes it so interesting. There’s an obvious love-hate relationship that has been strained over time, so now it feels like it’s leaning heavier on the hate side. This is definitely fueled by the love triangle surrounding Mehmed. I loved Lada’s insistence on being a “prince” and not a “princess” of Wallachia; she doesn’t conform to the gender roles expected of her and it was really refreshing to see her stand up for herself and what she believes to be right for her and her country. The best part of this book was definitely the battle sequences, both in Constantinople and nearer to Wallachia. Lada is growing more and more ruthless while Radu is both trying to save and sabotage the people he’s come to respect. This novel is complicated, bloody and dark and I loved every minute of it. History never seemed so thrilling!

You can find this book in our catalog here.

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