By Victoria Schwab

As with other Schwab’s books I’ve read, she succeeded in ripping out my heart and stomping on it. This is the second and final book in her new duology series, Monsters of Verity, which picks up 6 months after the events of the first book, This Savage Song. Kate Harker has been living in Prosperity, hunting minor monsters with a new group of wannabe monster hunters. August has been promoted to second in command of the Flynn Task Force, helping his adoptive father rescue people who are still stuck behind enemy lines in Verity. Monsters are running rampant and causing more chaos under their new leader and one monster in particular seems to feed off of chaos itself.

This book was a wonderful conclusion to this series. I loved the dark and gritty apocalyptic setting coupled with the issues surrounding the idea of humanity and forgiveness. Both characters are conflicted for different reasons: Kate’s trying to redeem herself from her past transgressions and August is trying to become someone he’s not while still maintaining his grip on humanity. This book is beautifully heartbreaking and I loved following these two characters as they fulfilled their destinies.

You can check out this book in our catalog here.

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