AwkwardBy Svetlana Chmakova

New favorite? Maybe! I absolutely loved this charming middle grade graphic novel about an art club girl and a science club boy.

When Peppi Torres arrives at her new school, she’s got the usual first day anxiety about trying to fit in. When she trips in the hallway, she becomes a target, but there is a nice boy, Jaime, who helps her. The only thing is…Jaime is already a target. As the bullying descends, Peppi panics, pushes Jaime away, and makes a break for it.

But these two are destined to become friends. Flash forward and we find Peppi happily acclimated in the art club. Jaime is across the hall with the kids in the science club. There are multiple things that bring these two together, such as science tutoring and geocaching. Peppi finds her voice and is able to apologize to secure their friendship just as the two clubs go to war. There’s only room for one of their club tables at the school club fair, so the competition escalates quickly.

The art is glorious with unique characters that just pop off the page. I loved the teachers, too. Mrs. Tobins was my FAVORITE.

It’s a perfect middle grade book. Hand this one to fans of Victoria Jamieson and Raina Telgemeier.

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