By Cassandra Clare

This book COMPLETELY RUINED ME. Clare definitely knows how to drop a major bombshell when her readers least expect it, especially if they think they’re safe from more heartache and bloodshed. This is the next installment in The Dark Artifices series and follows parabatai Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn, along with the other members of the Blackthorn family. While Emma and Julian are still trying to figure out their complicated relationship, the faeries are waging all-out war on the Nephilim for their role in the Cold Peace. There are a lot of elements to this story that come together in this book. We learn more about certain characters and the motives of others; some of these revelations had me shouting at my book to shut the front door. The interactions between the Blackthorns are the most enjoyable because they are such a well developed family unit with a lot of history between them, despite being very young. Waiting two years for the third book will be torture, but I’m willing to endure it to see what happens after that devastating cliffhanger.

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