By Laini Taylor

This book reminded me a lot of Atlantis: The Lost Empire– an intellectual specializing in linguistics is chosen to accompany a rag-tag team of explorers, who all have special qualifications, to look for a lost city. The only real difference is that this story takes place in the desert and not in the ocean. They even have a guy who loves explosives! The “Milo” in this case is Lazlo (even the names sound familiar), an introvert librarian who has always been obsessed with the lost city of Weep. Lazlo is chosen as the last inexperienced explorer to accompany a troupe of soldiers across the desert to solve Weep’s 200-year-old mystery problem. This story is very reminiscent of Taylor’s other books, complete with gods, monsters and curses to satisfy her fan’s cravings. Although the plot of the story, and even some of the characters, seemed familiar to me, I was never bored reading her beautiful writing. The setting was richly described and the characters were very intriguing in their secrets and innermost desires. After leaving off on a cliffhanger, I feel like I may have trouble waiting another year for Taylor’s next installment.

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