The campaign against established knowledge and why it matters

By Tom Nichols

This is likely the most important book you will read all year. It’s a great, nuanced argument against the idea of “I found it on the internet” and opinions having the same weight as facts, and for the idea of reliable, verified sources. Nichols takes a number of institutions to task for allowing the “death” of expertise: the 24-hour news cycle, celebrities spreading harmful ideas, and the rush to publish instead of fact check in journalism. But ultimately, he says that it is up to us, the people, to stay informed, know how to tell good information from bad information, and accept that there are experts that know more than a layperson. Experts can be wrong, but we need to be critical thinkers, not outwardly distrustful of expertise.  The book is not perfect- Nichols seems to misunderstand the psychological concept of safe spaces and trigger warnings- but the overall message is one that must be heard.

You can find a copy of this book in our catalog here.


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