By V. E. Schwab

Schwab takes a different approach with this middle novel in her Shades of Magic trilogy by adding an element of competition.  Four months have passed since the events in the previous book left our heroes scattered and wearied by the impending doom of change and dark tidings from a different London.  Kell’s relationship with both Lila and Rhy is tested as Kell enters into the Element Games- a pageant of magical combat.  I loved the change of pace in this book; where the first book set up this glorious world and introduced us to its characters, this book puts them in a completely different situation where they have to compete against and trust each other simultaneously.  Kell is more troubled in this book and I enjoyed watching him deal with his demons and attempt to find the right path for himself.  Lila Bard is always going to be one of my favorite anti-heroines because she’s so unapologetically snarky ALL the time.  She has a no-holds-barred approach to everything she does and I really appreciate the tenacity her character brings to this series.  After the HUGE cliff-hanger Schwab left us with in this one, I can’t wait to see how she ends this series!

You can find this book in our catalog here!

If you missed my review of the first book, A Darker Shade of Magic, check it out here!

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