my-friend-dahmerBy Derf Backderf

Last night, I thought, “How nice to have the liberty to snuggle up and read before bed.” I cozied up with this one. I couldn’t sleep. I had to finish it. It’s obviously about Jeffrey Dahmer. What’s really fascinating about it is that the story and art are by Derf (John) Backderf who grew up with Dahmer. This graphic novel, contrary to popular belief, isn’t much about serial killing at all. In fact, once we get to a murder it’s the end of the book and, thankfully, left off screen. What’s so compelling is the story of Dahmer as a kid. A close look at his family life, his school life and his hidden obsessions drive the story forward. It shows the human before the monster and leaves the reader plenty of people to be mad at once the book is closed. A great, if not morbid, read.

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