ms-marvelby G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona and Jacob Wyatt

I don’t often find myself reading Marvel comics. Mostly, superhero stories are fun, but largely predictable. ::Hero is normal. Odd thing happens. Hero is altered. Hero is forced to use power without having mastered it, but does HELP someone. Power Practice Montage. Climactic encounter against villain. New normal with hero ready to help again.:: But what does engage me is when a superhero is developed enough, specific enough and original enough to make him or her interesting, fresh, new.

And so, Ms. Marvel was a win! Kamala Khan is a Pakistani American teenager from Jersey City. One night at a party, she wanders off into a mysterious fog and is altered forever. From there, Kamala saves one of the kids from school who has been drinking heavily and takes a dunk in the river. She also tries to use her new powers to save her friend from a bungled robbery. Finally, into the lion’s den, Kamala goes to save her friend’s brother from someone called The Inventor. Kamala does all this while also navigating an interesting question: does she have to be just like other super heroines (outfit, hair, skin)? Or can she be superhuman in her own incredibly awesome way?

An enjoyable read and a welcome addition to the Marvel Universe. I’m interested in reading more of her adventures.

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