wayfarerBy Alexandra Bracken

The thrilling conclusion to Bracken’s newest series was just that – thrilling!  It took me less than a week to finish this book because I had trouble putting it down.  The story begins where we last left our protagonists at the end of Passengerseparated, discouraged, and defeated.  Etta is still determined to complete her mission, but at what cost?  We see old enemies team up for the greater good, Nick and Etta’s love is tested across the timelines, and the one object that could save them all could also be their undoing.  Talk about stressful!  Not to mention everyone seems to be attempting to defy fate and death, so that makes everything a tad more difficult.  Many revelations and a lot of superior character development made me love characters in this book that I couldn’t stand in the first book.  I really enjoyed the way the author seamlessly tied up the loose ends and provided the answers to questions I had.  For all those fans of time travel or historical fiction, I would highly recommend this series!

To see this book in our catalog, click here.

To read more about the prequel, Passenger, click here.


Reviewed by

Lax Literarian


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