daysofrageAmerica’s Radical Underground, the FBI, and the Forgotten Age of Revolutionary Violence

By Bryan Burrough


Anyone interested in modern American history and politics, this book is for you! Bryan Burrough takes you back to the turbulent 1970’s, when groups like The Weathermen and the The Symbionese Liberation Army engaged in domestic terrorism. Using personal accounts, government documents, and other resources, Burrough guides you from the groups’ inceptions to their demise in the 1980’s.

With a subject like domestic terrorism, it’s easy to write a book that makes its subjects into monsters. Rather than vilify the members, however, Burrough lets their actions and words speak for themselves, and presents their views without much editorializing. Burrough opts for research and documentation instead of sensationalizing the topic. Granted, that isn’t needed, since the story is interesting on its own.

Burrough also chronicles the FBI’s Squad 47, the task force dedicated to dealing with these groups. While this story is compelling, it did not enthrall me the way the stories of the various radical groups did. Nonetheless, Days of Rage is well written, thoroughly researched, and well worth the read.

Interested? Get the book  here!


Reviewed by BiblioMecha



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