passengerBy Alexandra Bracken

Time travel takes on a new meaning in this fast-paced YA novel.  Who doesn’t love attractive 18th century pirates?  I know I do!  Etta (which is a great name for a heroine) is an extremely believable character as she struggles with the two paths her life could take.  As a concert violinist, she would have the life she expected and the one she has been trained to accept.  As a traveler, she’s presented with a freedom she never knew she could want.  Nicholas is determined to prove to everyone, including himself, that he can amount to something and make a life for himself as a captain, despite having been born into slavery.  Glimpses of historical events throughout the novel make you feel like you’re really there, experiencing it with the characters.  This story emphasizes the idea that everyone’s timelines are connected and that one small alteration can irrevocably fray the fabric of time.  I’m a huge fan of Bracken’s work and this first installment to her new duology did not disappoint.  Can’t wait to pick up the sequel!

You can find Passenger in our catalog here.

This book was reviewed by:

Lax Literarian


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