jacketBy Fredrik Backman

Ove is not a likeable guy. Honestly. I nearly gave up on him, and this book, in the middle of the second chapter. Luckily, the friend who recommended this book to me gave me some sage advice that I am now passing along to you… stick with it! Read at least three chapters, even if you believe you will never warm up to this man.

Fredrik Backman’s telling of Ove’s view on the world is endearing. This is a delightful story of life, love, and the unexpected things that happen along the way. Backman lets the story unfold easily. He draws you in, and makes you want to keep reading. The characters Ove encounters are rich and personable. There is much humor mixed into this emotional story.

I cannot write a plot summary without spoiling the details. So, let me just say, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I hope you will too. Give it a try, and remember to keep reading… at least through chapter 3.

To find this book at the Derry Public Library,  click here








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