51wt0vz4fkl-_sx371_bo1204203200_By Una

‘Becoming Unbecoming’ is a new graphic novel that deals with violence against women in a personal way. Author Una takes a public experience (the 1977 Yorkshire Ripper killings) and ties them to her own experiences of violence and abuse. The author takes on victim-blaming and other cultural attitudes that enable violence against women, and masterfully blends facts and statistics with her story to create a call to listen to and value women’s voices.

The book looks good as well. The drawings are beautiful, mostly gray, black, and white with splashes of color when needed. Una finds a way to make even simple drawings powerful, particularly at the end. Even if you aren’t a fan of graphic novels, I would recommend checking this out- it may lead you to re-evaluate the medium.

Interested in this book? Get it here!

Reviewed by BiblioMecha



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