jacketBy Leigh Bardugo

*My review for the first book, Six of Crows, can be found here!

The Dregs have just pulled off a feat no one thought they would survive, but not without sacrifice.  After being double-crossed by enemies while completing the most impossible heist of their careers, The Dregs now find themselves short one member and low on funds.  In order to right their numerous wrongs, Kaz Brekker will have to use his cunning and savvy criminal mind to perform a rescue and a robbery, resulting in chaos throughout the Barrel.  Meanwhile, powerful and dangerous representatives from other nations are converging on Ketterdam, all searching for the secret to jurda parem, a powerful drug with the ability to heighten and control the powers of the Grisha.  Kaz and his team of misfits will need to come up with a plan to stop a war from destroying the home they’ve killed to protect, before it’s too late.  Can Kaz kill multiple birds with one stone, or will it be a feast for crows?

I’m so sad that this is only a duology!  Bardugo has such a way with writing these characters and their dialogue that I never knew what was going to happen until it happened, which was great for building suspense.  Kaz plans so far ahead and for every possible outcome it’s amazing how versatile he can be.  When he’s passionate about something, he doesn’t let anyone get in his way, regardless of if they’re friend or foe.  The relationships in this second installment were explored further, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Jesper and Wylan are relationship goals!  My favorite parts of this series are when everyone is interacting together.  The witty banter, scheming and sarcasm are really fun to read and I was laughing out loud during some of their conversations.  I thought that all the plot holes were covered nicely in the end and that problems were adequately resolved.  My only criticism of this novel is that the last chapter wasn’t really necessary.  I could have ended the book after the second-to-last chapter and been completely satisfied.  Regardless, this was a great short series that I could totally read again in a heartbeat!  I highly recommend this series for people who love adventure, fantasy, and suspenseful reads with twists and turns throughout.  Definitely a great dark, gritty read for fall!

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