capture1This book marketed for fans of “Gone girl” or “Luckiest girl alive” is actually a much darker tale about the inexplicable dynamic between a woman and her husband entrapped in the investigation of a criminal act.
The book starts with Jean Taylor, the wife trying to move through her husband Glenn’s recent passing. Jean accepts to interview with a unscrupulous reporter Kate who gets Jean to trust and tell her side of the story in an effort to recover any sense of normality in her life and maybe redeem herself.
Over the course of the book, we are witness to the introspective narrative of Jean, Glenn, Kate, the mother of Bella and the detective Bob Sparkes. Their lives intertwined and changed forever as the result of the investigation of Bella, the 2-year-old that has gone missing and whose investigation is the string that pulls all of the characters together. Glenn has been accused of abducting Bella but the evidence is not strong enough to make a black-and-white sentencing case.
Jean “the widow” will tell her own side of the story doubting her husband’s motives, her own sense of guilt and the loyalty to their relationship which have endured public scrutiny and sordid activities.
Throughout the book, the half-truths and embellished lies that all of the characters have to deal with makes you as a reader wonder where the real truth resides and who is really responsible for the disappearing of Bella .
All of the characters are flawed and so blind that they can’t see past their own nose in order to change their ways because they have been believing their own lies for so long that their grip in reality is at best shaky.
Interesting novel with a strong plot depicting a sordid crime and some psychological touches that will have you reading page after page until the final truth is revealed.
If you would like to read this book, you can find it here in our catalog in print format and also in digital format.

Happy Reading


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