capture2Although this is the first installment of this series, Brian McNulty ,a secondary character in this story is the lead in a previous series by author Con Lehane.
Raymond Ambler, the curator of the true crime collection at the NY library and an amateur sleuth starts investigating after Dr James Donnelly, another librarian is attacked at the library and shot dead.The surviving witness Harry Larkin, a friend of Raymond and Director of the library is reluctant to discuss the issue which makes him look guilty of hiding something .
The only lead that Raymond can follow is the association to the Nelson Yates collection, a writer’s legacy whose papers include letters and manuscripts which may solve the disappearance of the Nelson’s daughter.
But when Raymond starts discovering more details of the players involved, more sordid details emerge and another main player will die making everyone else nervous for their lives.
Having visited New York and the Public library in 42nd street, i was surprised to read about details like entrances, restaurants and famous landmarks represented in the book along with a compelling story where no one is innocent and everyone is just trying to move forward and redeem themselves for their past sins.

If you’d like to read this book, you can find it here in our catalog in print and in digital format.

Happy reading,

Jackie M small


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