hidden-twinThe Hidden Twin By Adi Rule

The Redwing was supposed to be killed at birth just like all the Redwings, but “Lin’s” life was spared by her loving father. Since then she has been living in secret with her family while her identical (human) twin sister lives a normal life in the city of Mol.But when Lin ventures out and demonstrates powers that she previously hasn’t used, she attracts the attention of a cult whose members are bent on destroying her. Soon, she uncovers an even thicker plot, realizing she is not the only one in peril if the cult sees their plans through.

Things I loved:
The unique setting. The whole thing takes place in Mol, this fictional town on the side of a volcano. It’s a weird place that has a steampunkish vibe, but in a different time and place.

Lin is awesome! She is a badass, single-minded, powerful and brave.

The poison garden-Rule weaves in such interesting details into this setting, and one of those amazing details comes through the flora and fauna of this miraculous place. In the finale, they head through a poisonous garden. It’s super intense and unique.

The entire finale- While I loved the whole book, I couldn’t stop reading through the finale. Rule’s quick pacing and edge of your seat details, paired with her gorgeous writing had me hooked.

The colloquialisms–You can tell a book has been cared for deeply when the characters have their own, made up, everyday sayings. I found myself chuckling at the little colloquialisms that Lin said.

Things I did not like: THE COVER. What is happening with this cover? Lin is initially described as a girl with goggles and a trenchcoat and (I think) brownish hair. Did a book jacket get swapped? This was very misleading and disappointing. No idea when Lin got her nails painted, either! Was it before or after she was covered in mud and worms? Or was it before or after the torture? Or before or after she sprouted large dragonfly-esque wings.

The jacket needs a lot more smolder and a lot less fairy dust.

Want to check it out? Do so here!

Reviewed by Silvertongue




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