bestseller-codeThe Bestseller Code by Jodie Archer and Matthew L. Jockers

A fascinating book for word nerds. So, what makes a bestseller? Why do people read? Archer and Jockers delve into the microscropic elements that make bestsellers tick. As a writer, I found helpful reminders as I thought about topics, character agency, literary style and structure. As a reader, I loved comparing the bestsellers that I had read and puzzling through what made me (and so many others) interested in picking up the title. I especially liked the data that discussed the popular trends like the “feminine noir.”

Now, I want the Young Adult Bestsellers Code. I can’t remember if YA titles were included in this series, and I have a feeling teens read for different reasons than adults…

Would you like to learn more about this book or place it on hold? Do so here.

Reviewed by SilvertongueErin


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