capture1Jordan Bingham is a recent college graduate but she finds herself back in her hometown Harrison Falls, broke and in serious need of a good job.When she answers to a newspaper ad for a job proposal, she meets Vera Van Alst, a wealthy and dreaded Harrison falls resident whom after a reluctant interview agrees to hire her and entrusts her with a very peculiar proposition: to immerse herself in the rare book collector world and to buy a manuscript supposedly written by the famous Agatha Christie when she had disappeared for 11 days back in 1926. But it seems all of the odds are stacked against Jordan when she finds her predecessor died unexpectedly and a rare book collector that she’s been working to get a lead is also found dead under strange circumstances.
I enjoyed this series because it brings interesting details about the life of Mystery Dame Agatha Christie and the characters are very fun to read.Jordan is a great leading character ,she is a strong,fearless, idealistic woman in search for the truth. A great supporting cast surrounds her such as her shady but caring Uncles ;Signora¬†Panetone and her myriad of homemade meals trying to tempt everyone around her ; officer “Smiley” who is always trying to keep Jordan out of trouble and librarian Lance,a friend of Jordan and good guide add up to the story very nicely.
If you would like to read this book, you can find it here in our catalog in digital format.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small



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