By Marc Lamont Hill

Ever since the birth of ‘Black Lives Matter’ three years ago and the start of protests in Ferguson in 2014, racial justice has been at the forefront of American discussion. Marc Lamont Hill looks at  recent events (Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Sandra Bland, Flint) and the protests they birthed from the perspective of race and history- exploring policing, mass incarceration, discrimination- and how that has led to today’s issues.

‘Nobody’ explores the uncomfortable idea that there are people in America that are viewed as disposable- “nobodies”, if you will- and that those who fall into that category are often black. This idea may not be one everyone wants to explore, but like so many hard subjects, it is something that should be explored. And Hill does it well. The book is well-researched  with a meticulous collection of notes. It is a dense read- the book proper is under 200 pages, but you feel like you’ve read enough for a 400 page book- and it is a heavy topic. But with everything happening today, it is a book I would definitely say is a must read- whether you’re looking for further reading, or just further understanding, on the subject of racial justice.

Want to check out this book? Request it HERE!

Reviewed by BiblioMecha


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