1e77f23b8By Jody Houser

Looking for a different kind of superhero in the age of a new DC or Marvel movie every week? Well say “Hello” to Faith!

Faith is a young woman with superpowers (Called Psiots in the series) and like most superheroes,  she has an alter ego. By day, she’s Summer Smith, writer for the Zipline, a Buzzfeed-style site. By night, she’s Zephyr, a gifted and loved superhero- and she’s stumbled onto an alien conspiracy and it’s up to her to save the world from invasion.

Yes, this sounds like standard Superhero stuff. But what sets ‘Faith’ apart is the heart. Rather than being bogged down in existential crises, Faith takes pride in her powers and role as a hero. She has a sense of humor and style. Even the more mundane aspects have a positive angle. Faith would rather be a hard-hitting journalist than write fluff pieces, but we see the good relationship she has with her coworkers. Plus, she literally saves puppies- What’s not to love?

It’s worth noting that Faith is a plus-sized superhero, a rarity in comics. She had an appearance back in the early 90’s with the Valiant comic ‘Harbinger’, and at the time, she was subject to little more than fat jokes. Now, her weight isn’t even mentioned. She lives her life, goes to work, saves the world, and the writers (Jody Houser of the Orphan Black comics) never resort to jokes or stereotypes. As a comic reader, I love the direction comics are taking in terms of diversity and inclusion. Comics have always been for everyone, so it’s nice to see that everyone can be a hero as well.

Whether you’re new to comics or a seasoned reader like I am, pick up ‘Faith’- you’ll read the whole thing with a smile on your face.

Want to give this a shot? Request it here!

Reviewed by BiblioMecha



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