By Jennifer Keishen Armstrong


This book about the “Show about nothing” sure is something!

Jennifer Keishen Armstrong’s ‘Seinfeldia’ delves deep into ‘Seinfeld’- its creation, its run as a show, and its appeal that continues long after the show ended. Armstrong compiles information from books, interviews and other documents, to give us a look at how the show went from near-cancellation to pop culture phenomenon. Diehard fans will love the chapters on the real- life inspirations for the show, like real Kramer.  But I found the most interesting chapters were those on the writers. Their stories range from triumphant- such as the creation of ‘The Contest’- to sad: one writer’s anxiety and dissatisfaction led them to leave show business. Rather than write a puff book about a show that changed television, Armstrong  gives us a look at the reality of the TV world.

The book isn’t perfect. While the author is correct that the show had an effect on pop culture, even changed the sitcoms as we know them, she ignores other shows that became pop culture juggernauts, namely ‘The Simpsons’. Armstrong also dismisses complaints of the show, rather than addressing them. This did not take away from my enjoyment of the book, but it does stand out.

Overall, the book is a treat for anyone who wants behind the scenes information on Seinfeld, or just likes books on media and its effect on our culture.


Like this book? Check it out here!


Reviewed by BiblioMecha




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