Capture5I’m joining so late to the Stone Barrington party but this book has made me a convert to the enchanting, debonair, James Bond-esque character created by Stuart Woods.
Stone Barrington is the personalization of a modern playboy man: millionaire , single, privy to all the high-tech toys and with ties with all the big fishes in the pond. In the 35th installment of this series , Stone has been called last-minute to France to oversee the construction of a luxury hotel .In the airplane ride to France, he meets a young woman named Hedy Kiesler, a painter whose last destination is Italy . Hedy and Stone become more than acquaintances and decide to head out for the Amalfi Coast but when all of their possessions get stolen, they realized it’s a clear sign that someone is out to make their life impossible. Stone trades in a few favors with his good friend Marcel in France and finds out that a notorious mafia boss Leonard Casselli is after him and ultimately ends up kidnapping Hedy to try to force out Stone’s hand. Stone must call in all of his friends who includes the head of the New York Police Department Dino, FBI agents and even European Security allies to try to rescue Hedy from the claws of the Italian mafia.
If you love a good but not too heavy thriller, you’ll enjoy the adventures of Stone Barrington, the book maintains a good pace and the story is entertaining enough and the big personalities of the characters make this for an entertaining series.
If you would like to read this book , you can find it here in the catalog also available as an Ebook and as an Audio Ebook.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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