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By Leah Hayes

This is a comic that is about abortion.

“A comic about abortion?”

It’s hard to imagine such a personal medical decision put into comic format.   But set aside your concerns, because this comic is a revelation, dealing with a procedure that is common, yet rarely discussed.

Hayes focuses on two different friends- both who opt to end their pregnancies. Each friend has a different reason, chooses different methods. And  while they are both relieved at the end, they go through different feelings. This book tells their story, giving legal and medical facts along the way- though it notes that medical professionals must be consulted.

There is no ideology or judgement, which makes the book refreshing.  Abortion is so often talked about in the realm of politics, we forget the very real people that seek out the procedure. This book may not be for everyone, but it’s worth a read if you’re looking for a woman’s face on the issue. And if you choose to check it out, we have it at Derry!


Interesting this this book? Check it out here!



Reviewed by BiblioMecha


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