Capture3In the seventh installment of this series, we find once more Charley Davidson, private eye and self-proclaimed Grim Reaper.Charley isnt your typical resident of Albuquerque. Charley Davidson can see and talk to dead people and now she’s also pregnant with Reyes Farrow’s baby , her affianced as she loves calling him but of course, Reyes isn’t either your regular guy, he is none other than the son of Satan,not because he’s a bad guy but because he literally is the son of all Evil. In the middle of all this, Jessica, former Charley’s bff alerts Charley of the mysterious disappearance of her own body after all Jess has joined the other world a long time ago but that combined with an uncanny wave of strange suicides and the unknown whereabouts of her own father may make Charley’s life a bit more difficult to deal with.And this is before counting that the 12 Hounds of hell have escaped the netherworld and are actively pursuing terminating Charley’s life and more importantly her daughter who according to the prophecy will save the world in the ultimate battle of good vs evil.
I love this series because even though it deals with a grim subject (no pun intended) , all of the characters :main and supporting turn this zany journey into a very enjoyable one. Charley can be at times too impulsive for her own good but Reyes always keeps her in check and safe and U.B (uncle Bob) brings the arm of the law to protect her. Cookie , Charley’s assistant and her daughter Amber are great secondary characters mothering Charley and bringing sanity to the whole gang and the dearly departed Garrett, Angel and fellow good demons like Osh only add up to the story.
If you’d like to read this book, you can find it here in our catalog as a digital Ebook, also available as an Audio Ebook and in print form.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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