By Victoria Fedden

Think your life is hectic? Try being 9 months pregnant, living with your parents, and having the Feds show up to raid the house and arrest said parents.

That’s how Victoria Fedden’s memoir starts, and it’s a great hook. I love a good dysfunctional family story (preferably more on the “fun” side) and I like a snarky voice. This book has both. Fedden covers everything, from giving birth and scary supermoms to her parents’ arrest and trial, with a good sense of wit.

However, the book is not all laughs. Fedden also dives deep into her struggles with anxiety, self-esteem, her marriage, relationship with her extended family, and the very real possibility of her parents going to jail. Her words on her habit of opting to not try something rather than risk failure, will ring true even if the DEA hasn’t raided your parents’ house.

If you want a good beach read for the summer, but something with a bit of “bite” to it, I’d highly recommend this book!

Interested in this book? Put it on hold HERE!

Reviewed by BiblioMecha




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