Capture2Andy and Rachel couldn’t be more unlikely friends but their destiny was about to change. While spending time at a children’s hospital in Florida due to a congenital heart disease, Rachel escapes her hospital bed and ends up in the emergency room where she spots a small scared boy and instantly offers him support and her favorite teddy bear. The unlikely pair strikes a deep friendship bound by isolation and natural understanding of each other.
Fate will intervene again when Andy and Rachel will find again now in their teens and fall in love for the first time while building homes for Habitat for Humanity. But they will also learn that love isn’t everything when their personal lives take them for a surprising ride filled with pain and unexpected challenges.
I loved this story because right from the beginning you can’t stop liking the 2 main characters who are so flawed , filled with so much emotional and physical baggage that theirs lives seem to be destined to wilt but somehow their initial friendship and even falling out makes them stronger.Perfect for a sunny afternoon.

If you would like to read this you can find it here in out catalog , also available on audiobook and in digital format as Ebook.

Happy reading,

Jackie M small


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