Capture1This spectacularly told tale from the days of the Cold War is one of the best movies about espionage that has been released lately.

“Bridge of spies” tells the story of James B. Donovan, an ordinary everyday man working as an insurance lawyer who’s called to bat for the big leagues when he’s appointed as a lawyer for Rudolf Abel,a russian national who has been deemed as a spy.Donovan must also negotiate the release of an US pilot who has been captured in Russia and the US government needs to bring him back home. And so the dance begins.

Movies about espionage are usually not hard to tell, after all, the intrigue comes from the theme itself.And we have had so many good movies about spies as of lately.But what makes “Bridge of spies” different is the precise hand of Steven Spielberg capturing the atmosphere and insecurity that the world lived during the Cold War. The acting is also remarkable, we are used to good ol’ Tom Hanks delivering serious performances but his role as Donovan is just right.However, Mark Rylance in the role of the hated Rudolf Abel steals the show with his understated persona and masterful acting.

If you would like to watch this movie, you can find it here in our catalog.

Also for your consideration the book that inspired the movie Bridge of spies : a true story of the Cold War / Giles Whittell. 

Happy watching,

Jackie M small


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