Capture1Nantucket is synonym of the good life : dreamy beaches, lazy days sunbathing in Adirondack chairs, amazing seafood restaurants but life in a small island for the non tourists can be a little more dramatic than this.

Nantucket based writer Madeline King has hit a road block, after spending almost of her book advance, she is being pressured to deliver a great book. Her best friend Grace feels abandoned by her family and is looking for a way to spice up her life .Although both women lead good lives living in one of the most coveted spots on earth. Their lives started spiraling after some bad decisions which will affect their lives permanently and hurt their loved ones too. Fueling their faux pas are the habitants of Nantucket which are depicted like the true embodiment of gossip giving life to the book title.

I love this book because all of the characters are very human, flawed, even the true nice ones like Trevor, Madeline’s husband can at time be petty and selfish. All of the characters seem to be dealing with existentialist crisis wondering about their futures but at the same trying to grow up and evolve and redeem themselves .

If you would like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here, also available in digital format as EBook  , Audiobook on CD and in Large Print   as well.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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