Capture1If you read the Cassandra Clare trilogy of the Mortal Instruments and were left wanting for more. This is the perfect opportunity to get your fill of good Steampunk fiction.

“Clockwork Angel” the first of the Infernal Devices trilogy goes back in time to Victorian times where an orphaned Tessa Gray has just arrived to London following an arduous trip across the ocean looking to meet her older brother Nathaniel “Nate” who left America a while ago and hasn’t come back. Being an orphan , Tessa has been living in humble conditions with her aunt but when she passes away, Tessa needs to find a way to reach Nate. Fortunately , Nate asks her to come and meet him in London. When Tessa arrives in London, Nate is nowhere to be found but 2 sisters meet her and picked her up promising her to take her to Nate. Unfortunately , as the plot develops, these sisters  known later as the Dark Sisters have imprisoned Tessa and tortured her until she discovers and develops her unnatural abilities that allow her to transform into different shapes. Their objective is to prime Tessa to marry someone only known as The Magister.But not everything is lost and Tessa will be rescued by a Shadowhunter and taken to the Institute where she will meet other Shadowhunters and explore the real side of the Downworld where wizards, mad genius inventors and vampires reside. Tessa wont stop fighting until she finds Nate but that will prove to be a very difficult road.

Although the plot and some characters may sound familiar if you have read the previous trilogy, I think the new setting (Victorian Times) and the addition of some delightful characters such as Henry (the inventor ) and Charlotte( Henry’s wife and adoptive mom at the Institute) make this book a great read. In a time where women were  supposed to follow and never question their husband’s choices. Charlotte presents herself as a very independent woman who isn’t afraid to break society roles in search for the truth and justice for Tessa and her brother Nate. The other Shadowhunters like at times sour Will and moody Jem really help building this magical world.

If you’d like to read this book, you can find it here in our catalog. Also available in audiobook (Read by amazing British actress Jennifer Ehle).

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small

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