by Marjorie Eccles.  During the holiday season, we could all use a mental vacation.  Well, I could, at any rate.  I want to spend that little bit of extra time off work (that’s not filled up with cleaning, baking, washing dishes, and entertaining) sitting in a comfy chair, reading, experiencing another time and place.  I encourage you to do the same!

Since I needed a book right then (no time for waiting on a hold list!) and I couldn’t afford to pick a dud, I chose an early book written by a best selling author.  What a great choice!  The Firebird’s Feather possesses all the fun elements I required: interesting characters, puzzles I couldn’t easily solve, an entertaining setting (think pre-Downton Abbey England) and a fascinating time period.  Anarchists, emigres and suffragettes abound.

Don’t be discouraged by long wait lists for your favorite authors!  Pick an older book that’s just waiting for you to open into another world.  This book can be found here in our online catalog.




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