jacket 2The title refers to “Windermere” a 9 acre property resting on the coastline of the Nantucket Island. The owner Suzanne “Nan” Powell has always prided on doing anything she wants to do.Married once and now a widow after her husband died leaving her in a deep financial hole due to his gambling addiction, she has managed to survive by selling all her family properties holding off on the sale of Windermere even after her financial advisor declares her insolvent. Nan has led a happy life and has tried to give her son Michael , the best life possible. Nan decides to open her house to boarders in an attempt to make ends meet.

Her house now will be full with different characters, each one holding on to a deep secret, each one full of hope to figure out their lives,each one trying to achieve happiness, each one trying to grasp onto reality while living an idyllic life , each one trying to escape the demons that plague their lives.

Jane Green tells the story of all of these characters , about 10 main characters including her prime character Nan in a detailed way, painting scenes that range from banality and at times cliché to deeply original web of human emotions. Most of the timelines are told separately until the characters casually encounter at Nan’s house. The ending is almost what you come to expect from a Jane Green book but somehow she still makes it delicious . A perfect read when you are craving a sunny day or if you are having the winter blues.

If you’d like to read this book, you can find it here in our catalog also you can listen to it as an audiobook and available as Large Print format and as an EBook.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small

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