jacket 1This collaboration between acclaimed writerJames Patterson and David Ellis , a former attorney, will grab you right from the first page and will keep you captive right until the end.

The book opens with a gruesome scene, a young shooter firing at his young classmates in an event that will change the story of the small touristic town of South Hampton and the lives of all the children involved one way or another.

Detective Jenna Murphy, former resident of South Hampton, has accepted an offer from her uncle Lang , Chief of Police,to become a police officer again after her stint as an undercover agent in Manhattan landed her with Internal Affairs and forced her to resign.

A young pretty actress aspiring waitress and her lover have been found dead and tortured in 7 Ocean Avenue also known as the “Murder House” because of terrible fate that the family who owned the Mansion has endured for decades.

Jenna decides to take upon herself to solve the mystery, defying even her Uncle and landing herself again in hot water. She is determined to solve the crime and clean her name but must fight a dark secret of her own, the obstacles that her preceding reputation brings and even the lack of loyalty of the police force.

The story moves very quickly and every page brings a new clue, a new obstacle and a new suspect.Patterson and Ellis weave a masterful story full of details , ghastly behavior, intensity with the setting of an idyllic seaside town.

If you would like to read  this audiobook, you can find it right here in our catalog also available as an audiobook , in Large Print and as an EBook.

Happy reading,

Jackie M small


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