A Nearer Moon Jacket

By Melanie Crowder

This is a lovely story about magic, community and sisterly bonds.

When Luna and her sister, Willow, jump into their boat one morning, they have no idea that Willow is going to gulp some of the cursed swamp water and sink into a sickness that everyone in the community knows only ends in death.

But Luna can’t help but hope–and fight to find a cure that will save her sister.

Running parallel to Luna and Willow’s tale is another one–the tale of a sprite named Perdita, whose family lived happily on the river until the humans came. When Perdita didn’t make it through the magical door to a safer world with her family, she becomes isolated. Alone. Angry. Bitter.

She slips into the water and bides her time.

These two tales flow beautifully toward one another. The town, with its festivities and warm-hearted characters reminded me of The Shire. Likewise, the creature in the depths who grew uglier over time, reminded me of Gollum. I quite liked this sense of familiarity spun with a unique thread.

The voice is scrumptious, the storytelling so good it made my nose tingle.

A wonderful slim volume, bursting with heart.

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