JacketPRUZZL3PAmy Poehler has been a steady presence in our television sets for the last few years but how suddenly she became a staple in our television programming is what this book is about.

Through small stories or “essays” as she calls them. Amy makes us laugh, cry, think and even “time travel”. From her humble (in her words “lower middle class” origins in Burlington, MA) through her rightfully obtained spotlight in Saturday Night Live and all of her hard work, an ocean worth of stories and all of her networking in between.

I love listening to her voice because her  characteristic voice that is synonym of laughter and talent embedded in most people memories. One of her funniest stories is probably “Robots will kill us all” where she advocates her standing in technology and how technology is changing us and not necessarily for the good and my second favorite is the one about time traveling loaded with emotional questions . I guarantee that you will like it. Besides you have guest voices like Seth Meyers reading a chapter out of Amy’s book and Mike Schur, co-creator of the hit series “Parks and Recreation” doing one of the funniest Q&A you will ever hear.

If you would like to listen to this audiobook you can find this here in our catalog, also available in print format.

Happy listening,

Jackie M small


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