Jacket.aspxHave you ever watched Law & Order and thought “this would be better with Pokemon”? No? Well someone did, Creature Cops was the result, and reading it makes me wonder why no one thought it before.

The premise of Creature Cops is that twenty years ago, genetic splicing of animals became trendy and created a number of new lifeforms. Animal Control (now a federal department) has to deal with all kinds of wacky critters that have resulted, from adorable panda dogs to enormous gator-snakes. While dealing with a few routine calls, the Steele City Animal Control office stumbles onto a sinister plot that is eerily familiar to the veterans of the team. One of those veterans is our hero, Al Kaminsky. Others see Al as obnoxiously stubborn and possibly alcoholic, but he likes to think of himself as well-seasoned. Kaminski is partnered with Marita Vasquez, a rookie who doesn’t always find him charming (but does find some charm in Carson, Kaminski’s ex-partner and their boss).

Really, I only have one complaint about this book: it’s short. The volume contains three issues and three backup stories. It’s not that the story is unfinished or lacking in some way–on the contrary, Rob Anderson’s plotting is laser-focused and he tells the story so deftly that I was left wanting much more. Francisco Melek’s art is amazing and brings the believable characters and fantastic beasts to life whether dealing with “talking heads” or action scenes. If you want a police procedural with a bit of a twist or just like a really well-done sci-fi yarn, you need to read Creature Cops!

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