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JacketIn the 17th installment of this amazing series, we have the pleasure one more time of enjoying the adventures of Alexandra “Coop” Cooper , an Assistant District Attorney working in the city of New York.

This time Alex is facing great troubles in the courtroom when the current trial she’s working trying to put behind bars one of the most sought after human traffickers is about to walk away because of a technicality. This despicable man has an army in the streets threatening victims of abuse and making the prosecutor’s life a living hell.

But sadly for Alex, things don’t get better but immensely worse when her personal computer at work is hacked and information about countless victims, cases and perpetrators are public domain which forces Alex to take a long look of her life as a prosecutor and her own life is at stake when she’s kidnapped.

Detective Mike Chapman must follow the meager crumbs of the trail left behind by the abductor and race against time before Alex’s life is lost forever.

While the book is told by both main characters: Alex and Mike, for the followers of this series it will be actually gratifying to explore the thoughts and feelings of the latter character that is a fan favorite.The title of the book comes from an ancient folk tale where the devil is tricked by a farmer and that’s exactly what Detective Chapman must do to save Alex’s life.

I love this series because it explores the sometimes unearthed history of a magnificent city like New York and the pace of the story is beautifully timed and the relationships between the characters are told in a sincere way. Great read for thriller lovers.

If you would like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here , also available in Large Print and as an EBook.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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