JacketIn the 16th installment of this mystery series, amateur sleuths and opposite personalities Carole Seddon and Jude Nichols come back to solve another mystery , this time while they are on holiday in Turkey.
Retired and slighty obsessed with organization, Carole and free-spirited and healer Jude are neighbors in the sleepy coastal town of Fethering in England. But their routines are affected when one of Jude’s former lovers and friends, entrepreneur Barney Willingdon offers Jude a holiday in one of his villas in Turkey. Jude could use a free holiday to relax from all the work she has been doing and accepts right away. Jude decides to invite Carole to tag along as she knows Carole could use a change of scenery . Of course, Carole is 100% reticent to accept an invitation that may put her in debt to anyone . Barney invites them for dinner to try to convince them to take on his offer and to enjoy themselves. But of course their holiday is doomed from the beginning when the dead body of a local tour guide seems to disappear .
As a cozy mystery, this book is great, the story line and the interactions between Carole and Jude make for a fun reading, the pace is fast and the mystery remains right until the end. My only complaint is we could have used some extra pages, the book is a bit short but nonetheless perfect for an afternoon reading.
If you would love to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here.
Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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