liarThis is the latest in the beloved series about Sargeant Hamish Macbeth living in the Scottish Highlands and his sometimes annoying and overly present sidekick Constable Dick.
If you are familiar with the author, you probably know that prolific writer M.C. Beaton has 2 series :Agatha Raisin and this one , Hamish Macbeth.Both are great reads if you are into cozy mysteries.
In this book, we find once more Hamish trying to figure out the death of a local woman who is known for fibbing about diseases or personal tragedies apparently to receive attention from the villagers and also the death of 2 newcomers , Mr and Mrs Lee who recently have moved to the building that used to house the old Schoolhouse.
When Hamish starts investigating, he is in for a surprise, things are not what they have seemed and at times he is dumbfounded by the strange facts that keep surrounding the circumstance of their deaths and how they lived their lives. Also it doesn’t help that Dick has taken with a polish baker and instead of helping with the case, he is trying to follow his dream of becoming a baker and as usual Inspector Blair gets in the way of the investigation trying to steal the spotlight . Of course, Hamish will have the help eventually of former muse Lady Priscilla and friend Elspeth.
If you havent read this series, I can recommend them to you as perfect light mysteries with a few funny and cynical moments. Hamish Macbeth is a great character : flawed and at times even grumpy. The plot was very entertaining and i was surprised by the discoveries and the solving of the case.
If you would like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here as an audiobook  and also in our Digital Library as an Ebook here.
Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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