wilderness of ruin

by Roseanne Montillo

Subtitled :a tale of Madness, fire, and the hunt for America’s youngest serial killer, this book is just that. The story of Jesse Harding Pomeroy, accused killer of children in Boston at the turn of the 20th Century, this book realistically illustrates a time when children could be sentenced to life in solitary confinement (as Jesse was at the age of 14). There are fascinating glimpses into turn-of-the-century burgeoning psychiatric understanding as well as the lack of crime forensics and social awareness of prisoner rights.

In chilling detail, the author unveils the crimes which Jesse Pomeroy perpetrated on unsuspecting children in Boston. Another “character” in the book is the epoch itself, with the great Boston fire of 1872, and all the names which now are part of history – Herman Melville and Oliver Wendell Holmes as well as a host of the finest minds of the Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries.

A fascinating glimpse into the criminal mind and those who sought to understand the unimaginable.

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