BooksellerI find this book captivating right away from the first line and it was hard to put down.
In this story we meet 2 women that at first instance seemed to be completely opposite but they turned out to be the same woman living in alternative realities.
The story starts in the city of Denver in 1962 where a happy Kitty Miller has resigned to be single and has concentrated all of her efforts into her bookstore that she co-runs with her best friend Frieda Green. The store isn’t performing as well as they would like it but they remain positive. After all, they both had put their careers on hold in order to pursue their dreams of becoming self-employed and be their own bosses. But soon Kitty starts experimenting absences and black outs, in her dreams she meets Kathryn Anderson, a struggling housewife dealing with the pressure of raising three kids , one of them with learning disabilities and the job of always being the perfect wife to husband Lars. It seems that Kitty is the same person as this Kathryn but what’s real and what is not. She slowly becomes more aware of this lapses between realities and she isn’t sure which reality she would prefer to stay and if her confusion would ruin the lives of everyone in them who loves them.Kitty/ Kathryn will have to confront her own personal demons and disappointments and make the best of the reality she lives on.
If you like alternative realities (both timelines are only a few months apart), you would enjoy this book. The story deals with women independence issues, gender equality in the 60’s, lack of understanding of psychological and mental issues and limited possibilities for single women. It’s a great story even if the formula isn’t original (“Sliding doors”, anyone?) and the writing coupled with the recreation of historic facts (World Series and other historic events) represented the decade of the 60’s very well.
If you would like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here, also as an audiobook here  and in our digital library as an EBook.

Happy reading,

Jackie M small


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