highway_to_hellIn the third and final (so far) installment of this series, now attending college best friends Maggie Quinn and Lisa decide to ive up their stressful lives and going on a “normal” holiday break and decide to drive cross-country to enjoy what most college students do : a spring break.
But as Maggie knows her gift of “seeing” will never let her have a normal life and Lisa, well,Lisa can cast spells and invoke demons so the pair is trying hard to just forget about their singularities and get a proper vacation.
While driving through Texas in the middle of the night, their truck seems to hit something which turned out to be a dead cow , the girls are frightened but for their luck, they get towed to the nearby town of Dulcina, a town so small that it’s owned by the Velazquez family. The girls are forced to stay in the only inn in town until their car gets fixed which wont happen for a few days as parts need to be order. Maggie is aware that stranger and maybe evil forces are at work but Lisa tries to dismiss the nature of the events which are becoming almost a daily occurence and cattle and people are going missing or getting injured.

Once more, Maggie and Lisa must fight against the evil forces to save the town of Dulcina and restores balance to nature, this time they will have the help of Justin, Maggie’s boyfriend and Dona Isabel, Zeke’s grandmother who seems to know more than she lets on, Henry, Justin’s best friend and a seminary student.

This book does not disappoint in the pace and the supernatural mystery surrounding the plot, as the strange events keep on happening, the girls senses must sharpen and the action also become faster. If you like any paranormal mysteries or books, you would be delighted to read this one. The characters are great and the pace (slow in the beginning to an avalanche in the end) will surely capture you.

 If you would like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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