jacketaIf you have been reading this series then you know you are in for a treat but if you are new to this one and would love a fun-paced and light mystery then this is definitively for you.
In the fifth installment of this mystery series, we find once more Melanie Cooper and Angie DiLaura, partners and co-owners of “Fairy tale cupcakes”. Both Melanie and Angie had agreed to do a photo shoot for a lifestyle magazine to entice more customers to their beloved bakery.But the unexpected presence of rival baker, Olivia, creates chaos and the photo shoot ends up in a cupcake slinging war. Tate ,their best friend and money partner strikes a deal with SWS magazine owner Ian Hannigan and the staff of SWS magazine will have to do a cupcake boot camp as a team building exercise much to the dismay of Angie and Mel. The arrival of the SWS magazine staff and their different personalities causes struggles and stress on a daily basis until one morning things take a turn for the worse when renowned journalist Sam is found outside on the back entrance of the bakery.
Mel and Angie must try to remain calm, wrangle the magazine staff to finish the boot camp while investigating the murder of Sam. At the same time , they both are dealing with life changes including their future and their partnership.
All in all, a fast read with a super fun premise and a mystery plot that doesn’t get solved right until the end.

 If you would like to read this book, you can find it here in our catalog also available in Large Print here.

 Happy reading,

Jackie M small


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