fire sermonby Francesca Haig

The reviewers describe this book as “The Hunger Games Meets Cormac McCarthy’s The Road” and I suppose it is. And that’s a good thing!

In post-nuclear disaster Earth, human gestation has evolved in such a way that babies are always born as twins, with one child exhibiting some deformity, usually in the form of an obvious physical abnormality but sometimes in the form of exceptional abilities (or powers). In this new society, the Alpha, or healthy twin lives a life of privilege with other Alphas while the other twin must be sent away to join the Omegas, who eke out lives of bitter hardships and restrictions. The kicker? If one twin feels extreme pain or dies, so does the other. It behooves the Alphas, then, to keep their “inferior” Omega twins alive…just barely.

Along comes Cass. a rare Omega Seer gifted with foresight. Cass’ twin Zach becomes a powerful force in Alpha society, distancing himself more and more from humanity. While Cass sets out on a perilous journey away from a harrowing truth, we the readers are brought along to root for her and her seemingly impossible fight for freedom and justice for all Omegas.

An interesting take on the Hunger Games theme of young heroine and her fight against bleak oppression. I think this has been picked up for the big screen – it would make a great movie.




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