Capture23This is a enthralling thriller about the intertwined lives of 2 young women ,told by completely different voices that are trying to turn around their lives and find happiness some in very macabre ways.

First we have Gaby, a recent divorced woman who is trying to find her grove again  and get over her separation from Ben after the death of their infant Josh .At the insistence of her cousin Jaz has signed up for an online website called Intune. Little did she know she would run into her ex-husband right on the same website.

Second, we have Alex who is a woman who is trying to get pregnant .Sadly for Alex, not every man she meets wants to become a sperm donor so she wont stop at anything in order to get pregnant. But Alex hides a terrible secret that makes her real dangerous to all the member of the online dating scene.

And lastly , we have Jaz , Gaby’s cousin who is always pushing Gaby to take chances in life and trying to get her to move forward.

The lives of these three women will cross paths and also their men in their lives will be at risk when one of them will jump the final line and go from dangerous to deadly.

This book is actually part of a thematic trilogy but it can be read as a standalone. The pace is great and you can feel the characters sinking into an emotional abyss while trying to find the right person in their lives.

Loved the audiobook narrator, she was able to give us accurately a mental picture of the desperation, hope and shattered dreams that the characters go through during the book.

If you would like to listen to this audiobook, you can find it here in our catalog.

Happy listening,

Jackie M small



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