In the beginning of this series, Dr. Willow McQuade is visiting her Aunt Claire in the romantic small town of Greenport, Long Island. Dr. McQuade is an accomplished naturopath who deals every day with the misunderstanding of people that she isn’t a real doctor. Aunt Claire owns a café/organic store “Nature’s Way” ,where she sells supplements to people as well as organic food and meals and is developing her own line of facial products with a mainstream beauty company. One morning, Dr. McQuade finds her aunt Claire dead as astonished as she is for the sudden death of her dear aunt, she is also convinced that it’s murder and that someone has poisoned her aunt and that the motive may be the secret recipe that her Aunt has been working on for years and was to be her legacy .

Dr McQuade must try to keep running the store of which she doesn’t much how to do while at the same time dealing with personnel issues. She also wants justice and wants her Aunt’s murderer found. With the help of a retired police officer and her 2 friends, she will fight to keep her Aunt Claire legacy alive.

I love this book because the characters are well constructed, it’s obvious that the author has done her research and offers homeopathic remedies for small maladies in every chapter, these are meant to complement doctors treatments and not to replace them. The setting is great and the mystery well-developed with a big twist in the end. If you are into an organic way of life, I think you would love this series.

If you would like to read this book, you can find it here in our catalog.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small







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